Jimmie Durham – L’Essence, 2007

Jimmie Durham. L’essence, 2007, mixedmedia  oil drums, canvas, acrylic, PVC and an found old wooden boat 350 x 300 x 115 cm.

Born in Washington, Arkansas, in 1940. Lives and works between Berlin and Naples.

The title “L’essence” is the French word for gasoline. The boat seems to be afloat atop the metal oil barrels. For nearly fifty years, artist Jimmie Durham has worked at a unique junction of material and focus, exploring the modern world through his haphazard material sensibility.  Compiling works from broken planks of wood, reclaimed oil drums, signs, blown glass and other objects, the artist’s assemblages delve into the modern landscape, repositioning one’s perspective on the landscape of modernity, and the often challenging disconnects between human progress and the day to day world.

Other works:

Jimmie Durham Installation detail Sala Verónicas, Murcia Photo Lobera