Gabriel Kuri – Forecast, 2015

Gabriel Kuri. Forecast, 2015. Vitrine: oak, plexiglas, interior lighting; plastics: mixedmedia, 240 x 160 x 100 cm.

Born 1970 in Mexico City, Mexico. Lives and works in Brussels.

A frequent sight in the global urban landscape, the commercial signs are rendered unfamiliar by their presentation. Functionless, they are re-imagined as artifacts, future remnants perhaps of a paper-based economy.

Gabriel Kuri’s oeuvre encompasses diverse media including sculpture, collage and installation, using often repurposed natural, industrial, and mass-produced objects (among them, insulation foam, shells, soda cans, stones, or ticket receipts) to craft eloquent works of art. Kuri’s work draws attention to correspondences between the formal conventions of visualizing data as graphs, diagrams or pie charts and the formal language of modernist sculpture, linking its materials (such as marble, metal, stone, and cement) with everyday items, forging a complex and incongruously beautiful personal vocabulary.

Forecast, 2015