Sam Keller – Can (Beck’s), 2017

Sam Keller. Can (Beck’s), 2017. Found can, rhinestones, 7″x 4″

Sam Keller was born in New York City.

Sam Keller’s alluring works are a study of the fetishized object in everyday life within consumer culture. For (g)litter, Keller presents ten new cans encrusted with Swarovski-Crystals. Transforming used soda and beer cans into striking and glimmering treasures, the artist prompts the viewer to reexamine discarded consumer objects. Each found flattened can is laboriously bedazzled with crystals to reproduce the original surface image.

While bringing attention to the politics of consumption, Keller’s stunning works challenge cultural and financial value. The material juxtaposition between cheap aluminum and extravagant crystals emphasize an irony often present throughout his practice. Keller frequently works with aggregated found materials to subvert their cultural meanings and transform their objecthood. He is drawn to precarious urban lives and decay. (g)litter presents a body of work that is a staple to Keller’s practice – transforming already used materials into beautifully fabricated, careful objects.

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