Jure Markota – Nike Thread (Time is money), 2010

Jure Markota. Nike Thread (Time is money), 2010. Textile on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

Born in 1985 in in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia.

Thread project is basically a project where I as an artist own just an idea and leave manufacturing to others. Others that are more skilled in that kind of craft. The main question is are the artists making brands/logos as a way of presentation or is a logo itself an auto poetics of certain art or artist. I also point out the way of production. Just like the main corporations do it. To get more money an less/minimum expenses they move the production to “3rd world” . So move my production to way where I would spend nothing and got what I want, to my mom. Nike Logo is one of three tread napkin that was made for project with which I deal with the logos and its power, source and its consequences. As its known in mass media as more and more allready in fine arts.

Nike (nacrt)