Miri Segal – Don’t be evil, 2011

Miri Segal. Don’t be evil, 2011, aluminum letters, 100x730cm.

Born in 1965 in Haifa, Israel. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

If one googles “Don’t Be Evil” one gets to the informal corporate motto of Google, meant to describe the company’s code of conduct.
The childish language, in which it is stated, is a symbol for the new era in man-technology relationship, where issues of privacy are resolved by the public willingness to give it up completely, and any precious historical or private memory is confided with the Internet, which, in Lacanian terms, has become the “big Other” of our time.

The 7.3-meter sculpture “Don’t Be Evil” metaphorically transforms the white wall into a huge computer screen onto which our searches and dreams are projected. It reassures us that it is going to take a perfect care of them.

Source: http://mirisegal.com