Lee Kit – Johnson’s-Baby Soap, 2013

Lee Kit. Baby Soap, 2013. Acrylic, emulsion paint and inkjet ink on cardboard, readymade objects, dimensions variable. Painting: 14.57 x 14.17 inches (37 x 36 cm)

Born in 1978 in Hong Kong, Lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.

Internationally esteemed Hong Kong based artist Lee Kit works against his education as a traditional painter, with every piece routed in the process of its creation rather than the product. Lee covers fabrics with acrylic stripes, plaids and song lyrics with obsessive care. Each piece appears abstract and minimal in its simple execution, but not without a real world purpose upon completion. The hand painted cloths become picnic blankets, towels, tablecloths and window curtains.  The works are infused into Lee’s life and memories, collecting stains and spirit in its everyday use.

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Source: http://www.lombardfreid.com/lee-kit/