Rachel Perry – Product (Johnson & Johnson), 2007 – ongoing

Rachel Perry. Product (Johnson & Johnson), 2007 – ongoing

Born in 1962 in Tokyo, lives in and works in Gloucester, Massachusetts and Brooklyn, New York.

“Known for using the detritus of her family’s life to address issues of consumption, commerce, and domestic routine, artist Rachel Perry here has re-created over six hundred Johnson & Johnson product boxes in perfect miniature facsimile. The center cluster of “Product” (2007 – ongoing) comprises nearly one hundred early packages designed by the company to sell products such as smelling salts and bandage plasters. As the sculpture spreads across the wall, the newest products claim their places, touting the contemporary brands we all know.

Each year for the foreseeable future, as new Johnson & Johnson products are developed and brought to market, Perry adds their likenesses to the wall, a conceptual gesture that mimics the never-ending nature of consumption itself.

Perry uses the miniature ‘to represent a fabricated world of proportion, control and balance, contrasting the exoticism of the miniature with the familiar nature of everyday products, and obsessive labor with conspicuous waste. We shop, we eat, we sleep, and we get up and do it all over again.’

She continues, ‘In choosing to work with these materials, I am re-presenting the leftovers, documenting the world in which we live, in the hope of finding the beauty, humor and joy in everyday life.’ ”   (from an interview with Johnson & Johnson, 2008)

Source: http://www.rachelperrystudio.com