Stefana McClure – Colorblind Shopper, 2015

Stefana McClure. Colorblind Shopper, 2015.

Born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, in 1959, Stefana McClure lives and works in New York.

Many manufacturers doggedly continue to rely on color-coding to differentiate their products, often employing red and green, despite the fact that red-green colorblindness is the most prevalent form, effectively hiding their message from 8% of the population. Here supermarket shelving is stacked with color-coded packages: Swiss Muesli (the green one has no added sugar), Apple Jacks, Froot Loops and Miracle-Gro (red and green for tomatoes, purple and blue for acid-loving plants like Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron). Tide liquid laundry detergent, Dixie everyday and heavy duty plates, classic red Coca-Cola cans and their eco green “healthy” Coca-Cola Life counterparts, and various potted plants, including small Bird’s Nest Ferns and a six foot Weeping Fig, are also featured. The products have been riddled with thousands of handmade holes, a pointillist pattern of circular dots based on the iconic form of Ishihara colorblind tests.

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