Jani Leinonen – Hunger King, 2014

Jani Leinonen. Hunger King, 2014.

Born in Hyvinkää, Finland in 1978.

A handmade wooden grill kiosk was set up in Kamppi shopping center, Helsinki city center. The menu gave the visitor two options: a top quality local and organic Take Away menu, or a Give Away menu, which saw food redistributed to those in need.

Enough food is produced on the planet to feed one billion more people than currently live on it. It’s not logical, or even viable, to set aside even more land space on the planet for food production. The only options are to improve our appreciation of food, to minimize what gets thrown out, and to distribute food more equally.

Selling better food that people appreciate more means we can both produce less and waste less. Hunger King aimed to highlight a positive everyday solution to the global issue of waste, and the reckless attitudes to food that play a role in the deaths of 17,000 children every day. 50% of all food produced on the planet is wasted while one billion people are starving.

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