Speedy Graphito – Mad Texaco, 2015

Speedy Graphito. Mad Texaco, 2015. Mixed media on paper, 28 x 20 in. (71x51cm).

Born in Paris in 1961, lives and works in Paris.

Olivier Rizzo, aka SPEEDY GRAPHITO, is one of the pioneers of the French Street art movement. By imposing a powerful, innovative style in the early 1980s, Speedy left his mark on the memory of a generation. He hasn’t stopped evolving, always in step with the times, by inventing pictorial languages and codes that are iconoclastic and satirical of society.

Though his work has evolved considerably over the past few decades, he has become known and revered for his exploration of commercialism and references to pop cultural images and icons. Particularly inspired by the iconography of animated characters from movies and television, Speedy aims to re-intepret the visual landscape that has become so commonplace.

For the past three years, Speedy has developed a strong presence in the U.S., beginning with his first U.S. solo exhibition, Freeway, in Fall 2011 at the Fabien Castanier Gallery. His paintings and sculptures, as well as large-scale installations and murals, have been acquired by private collections across the country and his influence on the American and international art market continues to grow.

Source: http://castaniergallery.com/artist/speedy-graphito/

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