Ralitox – Support Switzerland, 2014

Ralitox. Support Switzerland, 2014. Confused action in Zurich.

Instigated by a rebellious nature, driven by the urge to unveil the deceptiveness of contemporary society, Rallito X set out on a boisterous voyage in search of the ultimate freedom in creative expression.

The focus of Rallito X’s artistic action is exposure of our firmly controlled societies. Starting from the premise that we are all coerced to abide the laws of our societies, the artist singles out control as the supreme opponent to the true freedom – the chaos. Chaos is the subversive frequency at which Rallito X willfully vibrates, aiming to inspire a confused movement as it spreads across the globe, seeing confusion of the mind as the fundamental route to freedom.

Other works:

Foreigners out. Drink Coke
Foreigners out. Drink coke. Working with dissociated concepts. Zürich 2014

Dissociated concepts is one of the basis of my work. Every time you make a new association of concepts in your head you are creating a new neurological sculpture in your mind.


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