Benjamin Verdonck – Kalender/Wit, 2010

Benjamin Verdonck. Kalender/Wit, 2010.

Benjamin Verdonck is a writer, a theater producer and a visual artist using various media. Benjamin’s personal interpretation of public space uses poetic strategies, expressed in enigmatic, playful works. His totem sculptures are constructed from colorful brand names.

Whether I want it or not, I know all those brands, they belong to the collective memory. They are part of my world. It’s impossible to resist them, which would have me stand outside of my world. So I try to embrace them, charge them with a different meaning, revalorize them, find peace with them.’ In other works, like ABC, Wanneer de houthakker … or Hebban olla vogala …, brand names, logos and products correspond with letters of the alphabet.

Benjamin is also the author of a ‘Charter for an active participation of the scenic arts in a transition towards equitable sustainability.’ In Kinderval and je kan niet alles in twee snijden he approaches this theme from the perspective of the human physical condition. ‘Imagine if we were only half as big as we are now; it would immediately change everything. We would have a much smaller ecological footprint and our relationship with animals and trees would be much more impressive and would probably even assume mythical proportions.’

Other works:



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