Li Lihong – Nike – China (small), 2005

Li Lihong. Nike – China (small), 2005

Born in Jiangxi province, China in 1974
“Nourished by a tradition, surrounded by the largest ceramics of China, Li Lihong dream from a young age to be a great potter, like his illustrious ancestor and his guide, the grand master Qin Xiling, while giving his works a touch of modern. Internalizing all the influences of contemporary society, of advertising on consumer culture (with the arrival in China in the 80 major companies such as Coca Cola or McDonald’s), he reproduced in quality ceramics ancestral porcelain and the confrontation between tradition and modernity and the encounter between West and East. With the help of the most experienced Chinese ceramics, Li Lihong managed this amazing blend of minimalist forms, lines, geometric or curved to overcome the limitations of traditional ceramics. With these elements of daily life, he expresses his plastic language change in Chinese society and its capacity of assimilation of various cultures in which it faces.” Beili Wang.


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