Chen HangFeng – The Last Supper: Fast Food, 2008

Chen HangFeng. The Last Supper: Fast Food, 2008. Single channel video with sound, 787 x 576 (4:3), PAL. Length: 5’14’’

Born 1974 in Shanghai, China.
About 30 free range chickens at the Braziers International Artist Workshop (London, UK) were supposed to be slaughtered the next day to feed the artists. I fed them their last supper of rice by drawing the head of Colonel Sanders on the ground… (The whole performance lasted 2 hours and 50 minutes on 11th August, 2008).


Chen Hangfeng currently works and lives in Shanghai. Trained as a painter, Chen obtained his BA from the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University. He artistic practice includes from drawing & painting, paper-cuts, photo, video, installation to performance. His works deal with issues of surrounding commercialization, environmentalism, globalization and cultural transmutation, often realized through playful metaphor, and he merge concepts and mediums like an alchemist. He see artist as a present-day incarnation of ancient philosopher, artisan and literati.

Other works:


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