Ryan Gander – This consequence, 2005

Ryan Gander. This consequence, 2005. Custom embroidered tracksuit.

For his work This Consequence (2005), Gander requires that a member of the museum staff wears a specially customized white Adidas tracksuit whenever they are present in the exhibition space. A pair of dark bloodstains is embroidered on the pristine white garments: mysterious stigmata that seems to refer to the “consequence” of the title. This Consequence takes up the artistic tradition of institutional critique and opens it up to new, open-ended narratives. Exchanging the uniform of a museum guard for a costume, Gander creates a living character in an unspecified drama, giving his work a multi-dimensional quality that allows it to develop and change over time, and according to the narratives invented by viewers.

Other works:

Your Nostalgia, 2014. Bronze, 25 x 19 x 26 cm.


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