Luo Brothers – Untitled A (Yellow Horse), 2008

Luo Brothers. Untitled A (Yellow Horse)2008. Oil on canvas,  78.7 x 61 in. (200 x 155 cm.)

(Chinese, b.1963; b.1964; b.1972)

The Luo Brothers consist of Luo Weidong, Luo Weiguo, and Luo Weibing  The brothers hail from the Guangxi Autonomous Region of China, and began working together in 1996, while living in Beijing. They are a part of the Political Pop movement in China, and depict contemporary branding and pop culture imagery in their art. These images are blended with Chinese folk elements into colorful compositions that resonate with the social values and current political environment of contemporary China. There is a juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional subjects in their art, as well as an allusion to the past through the use of very traditional Chinese media: ink on paper and lacquer paint.

The Luo Brothers are known for their paintings and sculptures, which have been described as both “Gaudy Art” and kitschy; their artistic style draws from that which was used during the Cultural Revolution for propaganda purposes. Global consumer culture is an important theme for the Luo Brothers, as they were born around the time of the Cultural Revolution, and have witnessed the economic development of China, as well as an increased emphasis on material possessions. The Luo Brothers leave their work intentionally ambiguous in tone, and so their art can be interpreted as either a celebration of China’s current consumerist culture or a mockery of it. While working across a variety of media, they have maintained a remarkable standard of craftsmanship, and have been exhibited internationally in both solo and group exhibitions.

Other works:


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