Zevs – Liquidated Logo/Nike, 2005

Zevs. Liquidated Logo/Nike, 2005

“The logo is the keystone of a brand’s identity—it interacts with a person’s emotions, serving as an extremely efficient and fast “silent seller.” Logos are meant to be seen, and so when the logos of Chanel or Louis Vuitton are liquidated, it is an attack on a network of signs of identification, social codes, significations, and emotions. By suggesting an opposing force, liquidation recalls overconsumption, the tyranny of advertising and the slang of the appearances. At the same time, it maintains ambivalence. Iappropriate a logo, and in doing so, I apply a new aesthetic to its form.The funny thing is, many companies have re-appropriated my work for their productions. Metaphorically, we can think of this as a loop between poison and antidote, but in reality, as in the spirit of aikido, there is no fight, since it ends just as it starts.” Zevs


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