Minerva Cuevas – Dodgem, 2002

Minerva Cuevas. Dodgem, 2000. Dodgem car, vinyl label, digital print on paper.

Born in Ciudad de Mexico, 1975. Works and lives in Ciudad de Mexico.

For this exhibition Minerva Cuevas presents an intervention in an amusement park’s bumper-carts ride — a perfect context for Cuevas’ commentary on the recent energy politics. This greed-driven battle characterized by a permanent war among the petrol companies (referred to ironically by the artist through the aimless bumping of electric cars) looking to control the international markets with the ultimate goal of private profit. These companies are ultimately the ones who dictate environmental policies and control the exploitation of natural resources.

Minerva Cuevas’ work is characterized by public interventions, the use of media articulating campaigns which address economic and social processes, communications and biotechnology. Her work consists mainly of installation, video, photography and advertising resources.

Other works:



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